For the classification of your vehicle we need official proof for the following points:


License plate number

Country of registration

Vehicle type

Date of first registration

Fuel type

In the case of a German vehicle, it is usually sufficient to upload the front of your vehicle registration document for this purpose. 

If proof of the installation of a particle filter is required, this is usually a separate document. Please upload this proof together with your vehicle registration document or separately in the customer account under "Upload". The following vehicles will still receive our green sticker if proof of a particulate filter is provided:

Diesel-powered passenger cars and motor homes <= 2.8 t with Euro 3 (only from 01.01.2001)

Diesel-powered light commercial vehicles <=3.5 t with Euro 3 (only from 01.01.2001)

Buses and lorries >= 3.5 t, motor caravans >= 2.8 t with Euro 3 (only from 01.10.2001)