In this article, you will find information for the case that your vehicle's windscreen must be replaced and your vignette for the following countries is therefore no longer affixed/valid:


If the windscreen has to be replaced due to damage, the insurance company of vehicles registered in Switzerland will take care of the replacement. For foreign vehicles (not registered in Switzerland), the customs offices will issue a new toll sticker on presentation of the old one (even a torn one) and the replacement invoice for the windscreen from the car repair shop. You can apply directly to the customs office for a replacement. 

In the case of interchangeable number plates (Austrian and Swiss cars): According to legal regulations, the vignette can only be transferred together with the vehicle, i.e. detaching and transferring it to other vehicles is not permitted. Vignettes that have been detached lose their validity. The detachment and transfer of the vignette to other vehicles is prohibited. 



If a vignette that has already been affixed is detached from the windscreen, the security feature "invalid" appears on the vignette. It cannot be reattached.You can only obtain a replacement for annual toll stickers. In the event of a broken windscreen, you must submit the detached original vignette together with the lower vignette section and a copy of the workshop invoice to ASFINAG.

For interchangeable number plates: It is stipulated by law that the vignette is linked to the vehicle and not to the number plate. If you change vehicles, you must purchase a new toll sticker for the new vehicle. The detachment and transfer of the vignette to other vehicles is prohibited.