We usually receive the recorded toll transactions from the toll operators within 14 days. With our settlement, which usually takes place at the end of the month, all toll transactions that we have received up to this settlement date are invoiced. Unfortunately, we occasionally receive toll transactions delayed. We have no influence on the time it takes the toll operator to send us all the toll transactions created by you.

Delayed transmitted transactions then have to be invoiced with one of our next billing runs. For this reason, you may still receive an invoice even after the toll box has been returned.

Here, we also refer to 9.4 of our Special Conditions for Toll Products provided by tolltickets GmbH:

"9.4 tolltickets is entitled to collect accrued and unbilled toll transactions and service fees via the specified means of payment for up to 12 months after termination or return of the toll product. Thereafter, the mandate for direct debit or the collection authorisation via the specified PayPal account will automatically expire."

Due to this fact, a "final invoice" cannot be issued.