If you find a foreign/unfamiliar registration number in your vehicle administration (e.g. T5678456 or TT56784567), this is usually a placeholder license plate number or dummy license plate number that the support team must lodge and link in your customer account as part of a toll box exchange. 

If there is no longer a device linked to such a dummy licence plate in your toll box administration, you can delete it from the vehicle administration.

Please never disconnect a placeholder plate from one of your devices during a tollbox exchange!

If the unknown number plate is a number plate that may actually exist and does not correspond to the serial number of one of your (former) devices in any way, and you have not yet initiated any toll box exchanges, please inform us immediately.

What is a placeholder license plate for?

A toll box must always be linked to a registration number. In the case of devices for Italy, Portugal or Scandinavia, the following applies: Two devices of the same type (e.g. two telepasses for Italy) can never be linked to the same license plate number at the same time. Since it is not always possible for us to link a "real", second registration number of a customer to the old device that is being exchanged, we have to use a replacing license plate number containing parts of the device's serial number.