Our toll boxes can also be used with rental cars. When ordering, please be sure to first enter the registration number of your private vehicle or that of a friend whose car is not currently in the destination country. When you receive the rental car, the license plate nuber must be changed via our portal in your "Toll Box Management".

A licence plate change is mandatory for the toll boxes for Italy, Portugal and Scandinavia. Please do not change the registration number until you receive the rental vehicle and register the toll box with your private vehicle as soon as possible after returning the rental vehicle to prevent being invoiced for the previous or subsequent renter's transactions.

We would also like to point out that some devices only work with certain vehicle classes, for example our devices for France (TIS-PL and Liber-t) and also our ViaVerde boxes for Portugal have different device classes for the corresponding vehicles.

For our AutoPass boxes for Scandinavia, we require the vehicle registration document for every vehicle change and the exact data must be transmitted to the toll operator by our support team.

ATTENTION: Some vehicle rental companies already provide devices for automatic toll collection in their vehicles. We therefore recommend that you contact the company in question before placing your order. 

If you find out on site that there is a toll box in the rental car, please be sure to wrap one of the devices in aluminium foil or to not carry it with you. We cannot refund double bookings in such cases.