Unfortunately, the toll operator themself makes very imprecise information about which vehicles are suitable for which toll box.

The beginning of 2012, only some toll operators have tightened the accuracy of the vehicle measurement systems. This now leads to an unfortunate situation: at some toll stations, vehicles that are exactly at the limit of 3m (+/- 5 cm) are classified as passenger cars and at the other toll stations as trucks. 

The measurement at the French toll stations is primarily optical. The weight only plays a role if it exceeds 1t of the official 3.5t limit (i.e. from 4.5t). Also superstructures of the vehicles are not included in this measuring.

Also, when using our toll boxes for France and Spain, only the towing vehicle is relevant.

At the toll station, the vehicle is always measured and classified on site. Depending on the classification, the truck system (TIS-PL) or the passenger car system (Liber-t) is activated. If a passenger car box is expected and there is, however, a truck box in the vehicle, then unfortunately the barrier at the toll station does not open because the wrong system is active. This behavior at the toll station has also been confirmed to us by the French toll certification authority.

Due to this complicated system, we would ask you to provide as accurate information as possible about the actual height without superstructures and preferably the actual weight that your towing vehicle has when you drive through the French toll stations. If you give wrong information about your vehicle, we can not assume a (proper) function of our toll boxes for France.

We understand that this issue seems quite complicated, but we hope for your understanding as we are not the company that sets these regulations.